Please Note the Following Important Changes to Your Policy!

We get them all the time:  “Important Changes to Your Policy.”  Typically, the notice is white sheet of paper covered in small print; an addendum to your credit card agreement or insurance policy.   Of course, who has the time or desire to read those things?  Usually, I cannot wait to throw them in the recycling.

Louboutin Rules the Red Sole

For those who follow the path of extended legal battles, e.g.,  Apple vs. Samsung, Lotche vs. JEAH Communications, etc., there has actually been quantifiable progress the matter of Louboutin vs. YSL.  A New York federal court of appeals recently granted Christian Louboutin trademark protection on his signature red soles, except when the entire shoe is

Amanda Bynes’ Traffic School is Out

I last wrote about alleged accident prone Actress Amanda Bynes in May.  Since then she has continued to make bad news by causing accidents, getting her license suspended and being charged with a hit and run.  And of course, her infamous alleged DUI. Unfortunately, she is not the only celebrity creating DUI news.  In the