Khroma vs. Chroma. Konfused??

In the advertising world of branding and trade dress, the Kardashians take the kake.  So konfident are they of their brand that they kontend there is no konfusing their makeup brand with another makeup brand of the same name that starts with the humble letter “C”. Well, that is what they will kontend if and

Top Ten Scams of 2011

The Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) of Illinois recently released a list of the top 10 scams of 2011.  The list is based on the number of complaints placed with the BBB.  As you might suspect, all the scams are financial. 1.    Credit Repair and Debt Negotiation/Settlement Services; 2.    Timeshare Resellers; 3.    Credit Repair Services; 4.   

Suspended License to Drive?

It seems obvious that if your license is suspended, you do not have a valid license to drive.  Well, maybe not so obvious.  One of my favorite blog subjects, Amanda Bynes, recently pleaded “not guilty” to two counts of driving on a suspended license.  How can she prove she had a valid license?  The only

Zombie Insurance?

Ever wonder if you were the last sane person left on the planet?  Following is a short quiz to test your theory.  1) True or false:  You can get insurance in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, divorce, the birth of twins or identity theft.  2) True or False:  You can get insurance for collapse of

Frank & Honest Appraisal

Here is a happy surprise:  Your property insurance policy has a built in provision for you to dispute with the insurance company the value of almost any offer.  The Appraisal Clause is a provision in your policy, required by Illinois Law, that creates a process for the resolution of a dispute between the insured and