Kennedy Heir involved in Assault Suit over Baby

The “K” parade kontinues in the Hoag Law Group, LLC.’s blogs this week as yet another Kennedy grabs headlines, but not in a good way.   According to USA Today, two nurses filed a civil suit against Douglas Kennedy, son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earlier this week.  Apparently, these nurses attempted to stop

Kennedy Heir Kauses Krash? Yes. So True.

This particular accident gives me so many starting places:  The now infamous letter ‘K’ making a third straight appearance in my blog; the potentially fatal error of getting into any moving vehicle with a Kennedy behind the wheel; the non-stop parade of the rich and famous getting into car crashes. According to my source for

Kroma vs. Khroma!? The Konfusion Kontinues

Last week I wrote about the Kardashian sisters’ konflict with Chroma Makeup of Beverly Hills, California.  The Sisters K started a makeup line called Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe in the Color Category which allegedly “reads on” the similar “mark” – Chroma Makeup.  Though the spelling of the names is different, the names