Travolta Triumphs over Tempest in Teapot

This past fall, I had the pleasure of teaching “Torts” at Loyola’s Institute for Paralegal Studies.  When you teach, your memory is refreshed in areas of the law where you rarely tread in everyday practice.  One of these areas is defamation, commonly divided into libel (written) and slander (spoken).

On the eve of my class, TMZ published “Travolta Triumphs Against Author of ‘Bathhouse Sex’ Book.”  It seems that the author of the book filed suit against John Travolta, the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction” actor, and his attorney for libeling him in a letter leaked to the media.  Apparently, the letter questioned his mental health and stated that his book was little more than lies.  The author claims that this caused him injury and damaged his reputation.

Travolta won the suit and was awarded legal fees; an astonishing $139,645.17.  However, it does not appear that this win has slowed the progress of the ‘Bathhouse Sex’ book or changed its contents.   But a win is a win, nonetheless.

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