Asiana Airlines Crash Under Intense Investigation

Earlier this week, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed in San Francisco, California. The cause of the crash is still the subject of intense investigations. The crash of the Boeing 777 killed two and injured 181 people. The injured were being cared for at several hospitals and at least 22 were in critical condition. At

Chris Brown: Little Hit – Big Drama

Not too long ago I blogged about Chris Brown rear-ending an unsuspecting motorist on the Los Angeles freeway around Toluca Lake. Mr. Brown was driving his Range Rover when he rear-ended a Mercedes driven by an unknown woman. The police did not report to the scene, but the paparazzi caught the whole thing on tape.

Justin Bieber in Hit & Run or Just a Slow News Day?

Seems like every week a star is involved in a “hit and run” accident or an altercation with a paparazzo. This week, Justin Bieber combined to two common occurrences into one. Its seems that teen-scream singing sensation Bieber allegedly hit a pedestrian/paparazzo has he pulled away from the Laugh Factory last last night. He is

No Such Thing as Bad Press – Right Miguel?

It was the knee drop heard around the Billboard Music Awards. Apparently, singer songwriter Miguel thought he could raise his profile with a “leap of faith” between stages at the recent award show. While there are conflicting stories about whether or not he was warned against performing the stunt, Huffington Post points out that there

Ouch! Beyonce’s Butt Smacked. Call the Lawyers? Maybe.

It was the butt smack heard round the world. Mrs. Carter, a/k/a Beyonce Knowles, was performing in Denmark when an overzealous fan rose out of the crowd and delivered an unwanted smack to her left butt cheek. Needless to say, the “Bootylicious” one was not pleased. She threatened to have him escorted out of the

Chris Brown It Hits Hard (in Rearender)

Another week of celebrity mishaps in their vehicles. With so many car wrecks to choose from, the blog almost writes itself! This weeks’ accident is brought to you by singer/songwriter Chris Brown. In addition to being a top recording artist, Mr. Brown is also infamous for his on again – off again (currently off) relationship

“Careless Whisper” Crooner Crashes

So many celebrities crashing their cars; so little time to wag a self-righteous finger at all of them. I picked one after culling through the source of all things celebrity: TMZ. This week’s most interesting car crasher is George Michael. Alternate title for my blog – Wham! singer goes Bam! Mr. Michael was airlifted to

Teens On the Way to Prom Aid others in Car Accident

Teens all dolled up and on the way to prom in an Escalade stopped to aid the victims of a car crash. The driver of a Honda Odyssey, was traveling eastbound on I-595 when traffic slowed, said Sgt. Mark Wysocky of Florida Highway Patrol. The driver apparently veered to the left, bouncing off the divider

Former Cosby Kid files Suit for Car Crash

If you have been following my blog, you know that even the rich and famous sometimes have to file suit to recover damages after a car accident. Recently, Lisa Bonet, a former Cosby Kid, filed suit to recover for her two minor children. Apparently, Ms. Bonet’s two children with actor Jason Momoa, were injured in

Nursing Home Care Act

A July 10, 2010 change to the definition of abuse or neglect under the The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act allowed residents the right to recover costs and attorneys’ fees. Under the Act, the licensee is required to pay the actual damages and costs and attorney’s fees to a facility resident whose rights, as specified,

Deadly Accident Caused by Kryptonite

Does anyone remember the song “Kryptonite” from a million years ago, in entertainment time? Well, the band 3 Doors Down had a huge with with that song circa 2000. A few weeks ago, Todd Harrell, the band’s bass player was arrested for vehicular homicide. Allegedly, Mr. Harrell swerved into oncoming traffic, clipped a pickup truck

Bus Crash Kills Three

According to various internet news sites, a high school athlete is still in critical condition after a bus crash that killed three. Members of the Grayling High School golf team were traveling to a tournament Monday when their northbound van struck an eastbound van on a rural road in Kalkaska County, about 25 miles east