UnBiebable? Well, Not Really.

It seems that my blogs on Bieber buddy, Lil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore) whipping and zipping around California in Justine Bieber’s exotic cars and causing havoc may have been unduly harsh. Justine himself is no stranger to excessive speed, havoc and generic trouble making. According to TMZ, Justine has been terrorizing his ‘hood with excessive

Even “Angels” get in Car Crashes

Lovely Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret model, wife of Orlando Bloom and mother to his golden child, was rear-ended yesterday in Los Angeles, California. According to various websites, she suffered neck and back injuries. Yes, even “Angels” can be hurt in car crashes. If she was in Illinois, she would have the perfect set of facts

Lil Twist in Big Bieber Crash

This week’s startastic “hit and runner” expensive “car crasher” is Lil Twist. His given name is Christopher Lynn Moore. Apparently, while Justin Bieber is touring the world, he left Lil Twist in charge of his exotic car collection. Perhaps not the wisest decision, since Lil Twist philosophy is: Why let sexy cars collect dust? He

DJ Afrojack jacks up a $240,000 Ferrari

DJ and alleged speed demon, Afrojack – given name, Nick van de Wall – is the living and breathing embodiment of the phrase “Easy come. Easy go.” He purchased a $240,000 Ferrari 458 Italia and wrecked it the same day! Apparently, he had it repaired within 24 hours and is once again zipping around the