Lil Twist in Big Bieber Crash

This week’s startastic “hit and runner” expensive “car crasher” is Lil Twist. His given name is Christopher Lynn Moore. Apparently, while Justin Bieber is touring the world, he left Lil Twist in charge of his exotic car collection. Perhaps not the wisest decision, since Lil Twist philosophy is: Why let sexy cars collect dust? He was stopped for speeding in January in Bieber’s Ferrari. He is rumored to have caused thousands of dollars in damage to the smae Ferrari in a Four Season’s parking lot a few weeks ago. Just this past Tuesday, Lil Twist wrecked Bieber’s $100,000 mega-chromed Fisker Karma when he backed into cement poles in a parking lot. Fortunately, the poles and pride were the only victims of the “hit and run”. Let’s all hope it stays that way.

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