UnBiebable? Well, Not Really.

It seems that my blogs on Bieber buddy, Lil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore) whipping and zipping around California in Justine Bieber’s exotic cars and causing havoc may have been unduly harsh. Justine himself is no stranger to excessive speed, havoc and generic trouble making. According to TMZ, Justine has been terrorizing his ‘hood with excessive speed and reckless driving in Calabasas, a gated community.

Justine’s neighbors are of course right to be concerned. Accidents are more likely to happen at high rate of speed. As a big star, Justine has countless examples of how poor driving can go wrong and injure more than your career e.g., Leif Garrett, Nick Hogan to name two. But ordinary folks drive crazy too and hurt others and may require an injury attorney.

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