Justin Bieber in Hit & Run or Just a Slow News Day?

Seems like every week a star is involved in a “hit and run” accident or an altercation with a paparazzo. This week, Justin Bieber combined to two common occurrences into one.

Its seems that teen-scream singing sensation Bieber allegedly hit a pedestrian/paparazzo has he pulled away from the Laugh Factory last last night. He is alleged to have “fled the scene.” According to TMZ, as Bieber left the parking lot of the Laugh Factory, paps descended on him and his pal Lil Twist. Bieber motioned for the paps to get out of the way. However, the allegation is that he pinned one of the unlucky photogs between his car and a parked car. The latest updates, however, put the Biebs in the clear.

Technically, anytime you are involved in the slightest questionable contact “no damage accident” and leave the scene, you are a hit and run driver. Should this happen to you, at a minimum you should talk to the parties involved if only to get a consensus on what happened.

Fleeing the scene of an accident and hoping for the best is not only “bad behavior” but it is flirting with a potentially denied insurance claim. Why? Because you left the scene of an accident without reporting it to the police. Get names, addresses and insurance information of anyone you hit with your car or think you might have hit with your car. You might even want to take pictures to document the absence of injury or damage. If you are concerned that person you hit your uptown car will change their tune and decide to claim injury or damage from the low impact accident, complete a police report and tell your insurance company.

Whether or not a claim is ever made, you will not be in the unenviable position of turning a low or no impact accident into a news story!

If you have been injured in a hit and run or other car accident, please call the Hoag Law Group, LLC today! 1800HOAGLAW! or (312) 878-7000.