Chris Brown: Little Hit – Big Drama

Not too long ago I blogged about Chris Brown rear-ending an unsuspecting motorist on the Los Angeles freeway around Toluca Lake. Mr. Brown was driving his Range Rover when he rear-ended a Mercedes driven by an unknown woman. The police did not report to the scene, but the paparazzi caught the whole thing on tape. In the recordings and pictures, Mr. Brown ostensibly exchanges information with the woman. But it seems that he really did not give her his information. He gave her false information.

In related news, singer, dancer entertainer Brown is still on probation from an incident involving Rihanna. When he gave false information to the Mercedes driver, he turned a little hit into big drama. Now he has been involved in a hit and run and has violated his probation. Will he ever learn? For the sake of future blog topics, let’s hope not!

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