How to Open an Estate for a Disable Person

Do you have a disabled relative that cannot take care of their own affairs due to a disability?

The best option for such situations might be to open a Disabled Person’s Estate and have yourself, or another loved one, appointed as a Guardian of the person and/or their estate. The best way to do this is to hire an attorney. An attorney, such as Hoag Law Group, LLC. can discuss the options for Guardianship and help you decide if you should be the Plenary or Temporary guardian, among other options.

But if you do want try your hand at opening an Estate on your own in Cook County, follow these tips*

1.Go to the Eleventh Floor of the Daley Center and pick up a packet for Petition For Appointment of Guardian of a Disabled Person. The Packet has most of the forms necessary to start the process.

2. Complete all these forms and make several copies.

***Note that a Medical Doctor must complete one of the forms declaring that s/he has examined the person in question and finds them to be incompetent.

3. Go to Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website for additional Probate forms.

4. Be sure to give all interested relatives Notice of what you plan to do by mailing them copies of Petition.

5. The court will assign you a date for the initial hearing when you file the Petition. Be sure to appear early!

You are on your way to helping out an injured or disabled relative. If you cannot make it through the often form heavy and contested matter on your own, please call: accident, please call the Hoag Law Group, LLC today to see if you can recover! 1800-HOAGLAW.

*This is not legal invoice