The KarDASHian’s Arson Fire Nightmare

Arson fires are not limited to ‘burn out’ areas of a city. Now, an arson fire was attempted at the Kardashian’s store in Los Angeles, California. DASH is a high end target sure to create a media circus. There is little doubt the insurance company will pay to fix the damage in short order.

Insurance companies refer to arson fires as set, intentional or incendiary fires. Most arson fires are covered by insurance and paid out like an accidental fire. However, in a small handful of cases involving an alleged arson fire, it is the misfortune of the insured to fall under suspicion as the individual that started the fire. In these situations, the insurance company begins to investigate the insured’s motive and opportunity to set the fire.

When the insured is suspected of starting an arson fire to collect the insurance money, it could be months before the investigation is completed and the insured is exonerated and paid, or has to sue to recover. I have spoken extensively on this topic in an article titled: “Suing Your Insurance Company.” The link for the article is located below:

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