An Attorney Tells Ten Signs Your Insurance Claim May Be Denied

An Insurance Attorney / Insurance Lawyer reveals what the insurance companies do not want you to know.

There are a certain percentage of claims that either raise investigation flags which delay payment or lead to an investigation, after which payment is denied.  In some cases, claims  are simply denied outright.

How do you know if you have a claim that will be paid relatively promptly or if you have fallen into the minority of claims that will be investigated and possibly denied?

Here are the top ten tell tale signs that your claim is under “special” investigation and may be denied:

10.    You are asked to give more than one statement about the facts of your loss;

9.    Family members whom you perceive as having little or nothing to do with the claim are interviewed;

8.    You are asked to produce proof of your whereabouts at the time of the loss;

7.     It is mentioned that you have made more than one insurance claim in the past year;

6.    You are asked to produce financial records and you are not making a claim concerning financial issues, e.g., loss of business income or a lost wage claim;

5.    You are asked to produce cell phone records;

4.    When you speak to an agent , s/he mentions “issues with your claim” e.g.  lack of documentation or the recent purchase of the insurance policy;

3.    It is taking months to settle what you perceive as a simple claim;

2.    You have received a reservation of rights letter;

And the number one sign that your claim is under investigation:

1.    You have been called for an examination under oath.

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