How to Get a Suspended License Re-Instated

If your license has been suspended and you would like to have it rein-stated, the process is not quite as simple.  This article, How to Get a Suspended License Re-Instated will address a few of these issues to help you. The complexity is because there are so many different reasons why a license might be suspended.  If you license was suspended because of a missed court appearance or a failure to pay a fine on a non-moving violation, you may simply have to pay the fine and any assessed fee and costs.  Additionally, IDOT requires a reinstatement fee.

If you damaged property while driving uninsured, you may have to pay all fines and costs that are due, provide IDOT with proof of insurance and certification that you have not been sued.  As with the situation above, IDOT requires a reinstatement fee.

However, if you have damaged property and/or injured someone while driving insured and been sued, it may require a court appearance to get your license re-instated, in addition to the payment of fees, costs and providing proof of insurance.

If you have questions about your suspended license or have been injured by an uninsured driver,  call us for a free initial consultation.