Deadly Accident Caused by Kryptonite

Does anyone remember the song “Kryptonite” from a million years ago, in entertainment time? Well, the band 3 Doors Down had a huge with with that song circa 2000. A few weeks ago, Todd Harrell, the band’s bass player was arrested for vehicular homicide. Allegedly, Mr. Harrell swerved into oncoming traffic, clipped a pickup truck

Bus Crash Kills Three

According to various internet news sites, a high school athlete is still in critical condition after a bus crash that killed three. Members of the Grayling High School golf team were traveling to a tournament Monday when their northbound van struck an eastbound van on a rural road in Kalkaska County, about 25 miles east

Victim of Train Accident Mourned

A sixteen year old boy was killed in an accident with an oncoming train on Friday as he walked the tracks. Cameron Young was just finishing his sophomore year at Charlotte High School. A vigil was held by friends and family this past Sunday. “We are devastated by the loss and we will have extra

Lawsuit Timeline

If you have a recently filed lawsuit in the First Municipal Division in Cook County Illinois you may wonder how long it will take before there is a resolution of your case. Recently, I attended a roundtable for judges and Judge Dunford provided the attorneys with a fairly precise timeline from service of the defendant!

UnBiebable? Well, Not Really.

It seems that my blogs on Bieber buddy, Lil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore) whipping and zipping around California in Justine Bieber’s exotic cars and causing havoc may have been unduly harsh. Justine himself is no stranger to excessive speed, havoc and generic trouble making. According to TMZ, Justine has been terrorizing his ‘hood with excessive

Lil Twist in Big Bieber Crash

This week’s startastic “hit and runner” expensive “car crasher” is Lil Twist. His given name is Christopher Lynn Moore. Apparently, while Justin Bieber is touring the world, he left Lil Twist in charge of his exotic car collection. Perhaps not the wisest decision, since Lil Twist philosophy is: Why let sexy cars collect dust? He