Drugged Driving and DUIs

In June, I blogged about the increased penalties on drunk drivers in Illinois.  Anyone driving drunk who causes an injury in an accident will have their license summarily suspended.  Continuing this trend of harsher penalties, the Illinois Supreme Court Upheld the felony conviction of a driver found to be under the influence of drugs and

Do You Have The Force of Your Evictions?

An unfortunate side effect of a bad economy is renters that fail to pay rent. Many landlords allow tenants to pay late or partially based on goodwill developed over time. However, if the tenant stops returning your phone calls or making excuses for late payment and the months of back rent are piling up, what

“IL – Legal” Helpers Debt Resoultion, LLC.

This weeks blog is a public service announcement to anyone who was duped into hiring Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC. Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, recently reached a $2.1 Million settlement with Legal helpers, according to the Chicago Tribune. The suit alleged that Legal Helpers was not actually providing legal help, but rather using lawyers

Traffic School Ace

Typically my blog concerns wayward celebrities careening through the streets of whatever town allegedly under the influence of alcohol.  This week, I get to reflect the bright light of truth on myself. I was caught in the “no tolerance” for traffic violations dragnet.  Alas, I was forced to go to traffic school to reduce my

The Velvet Tight Rope

Early morning June 3, 2012, Oak Park bar and nightclub, The Velvet Rope, was destroyed by fire. In the twenty-four hours following the fire, it was reported at Patch.com that the State Fire Marshal’s office determined that the probable cause of the fire was arson. Insurance companies refer to arson fires as set, intentional or

State Farm v. Kat Von D (Yes. Believe it.)

It was a headline ripped from an blogging lawyer’s dreams. Reality star and tattoo artist Kat Von D sued by State Farm Fire and Casualty Company last week in L.A.County Superior Court. Apparently, Ms. Von D left several lit candles unattended and burned up her property and material possessions to the tune of $909,199. State

Amanda Bynes’ Traffic School

Actress Amanda Bynes has been given enough moving violations in the past month to keep almost every police officer, lawyer and judge in L.A. busy for weeks. Remember her? Cute, funny, little girl from All That? In less than a month she has created at least three examples of alleged poor driving behavior. Traffic school