Traffic Stops & Bobby Brown Pops

Did you know that the small sleepy suburb of Oak Park, Illinois recently instituted a “zero tolerance for traffic violations” policy? A tiny infraction can now generate the big pain of fines, traffic court appearances and dreaded points on the license which can lead to increased insurance rates. Ouch! But getting a ticket for a

Hit & Run and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is in the news again and has provided yet another teaching opportunity for the masses by her “bad behavior.”  This time, she is involved in an alleged hit and run accident.  The story is that she “bumped” a hookah lounge manager’s knee with her Porsche and then left the scene without talking to

What’s Next for Dr. Conrad Murray?

I recently blogged that Dr. Conrad Murray had to fight the charge of involuntary manslaughter in the event he had medical malpractice insurance.  In spite to the guilty verdict that would likely void coverage (assuming he was insured) it is still likely that he will still face civil suit from the Jackson Clan.  I will

Six Tips to Stop Cyberbullying!

While anyone can be a victim of Cyberbullying, it is usually students that are affected by it. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has put together a list of things you can do to stop the scourge of Cyberbullying. I have abbreviated it below: 1. Print out all instances of Cyberbullying; 2. Keep the electronic evidence.

After Life Insurance Assurance

Here is a surprise you do not want while you are going through the pain of your loved one’s death: Your claim for life insurance has been denied because of an issue with the application completed years before. Most frequently the issue is with a disclosure about your loved one’s health. For example, the insured

Distracted Driving Causes Accidents

Yesterday, I saw an awful bumper sticker.  It said “My mother was killed by someone talking on a cellphone.”  I have definitely seen an uptick in accidents caused by texting, talking and eating while driving.  There is no doubt that distracted driving causes accidents.  So this long holiday weekend, remember that famous quote from Hillstreet