Tenant/Landlord Disputes

Problem Tenant?

An unfortunate side effect of a bad economy is renters that fail to pay rent. Many landlords allow tenants to pay late based on goodwill developed over time. However, if the tenant stops returning your phone calls or starts excuses for late payment and the months of back rent are piling up, what can be done? You now have a tenant/landlord dispute.

As you might suspect, there are rights and obligations on both sides of the issue. Obviously, a peaceable resolution of the situation is desired. In some cases, a tenant will move out simply by being asked. In other situations, a landlord may be required to file suit for back rent and possession of the apartment.

We have prosecuted many evictions and would be happy to evaluate your situation.

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Problem Landlord?

Landlords have obligations both under their lease and under Illinois law. Due to tough economic times, sometimes a landlord fails to keep up with obligations. If this is the case we can help. We have experience with a number of the issues landlords create with tenants. Of course, it is better to resolve these situations amicably. But sometimes, stronger measures need to be taken.
If you are experiencing problems with your landlord call now and speak with an attorney.

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