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Chicago Insurance Claim Lawyer/Chicago Insurance Attorney

Our firm has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. We know what your rights are and what is contained in your insurance policy. Hoag Law Group, LLC. has a unique focus in first-party coverage rights, which is when you sue your own insurance company. We are also aware of the difficulties involved in pursuing third-party claims which are suits against another person’s insurance company. Call now for a free consultation.

It is illegal for an insurance company to misrepresent coverage to insurance claims.  However, they are not required to find you possible coverage.  They are also not required to offer you solutions, tips or advice that is in your favor.

The fact is it is in the insurance companies best interest to minimize your recovery on your insurance claim.

You might want to consider these issues when considering your insurance claim.

Do you have a copy of the insurance policy at issue?
Is it your policy or the at fault persons?
Was anybody injured?  If so please review our webpage on Personal Injury.
Does this involve a car or auto? Please visit our  webpage for Car Accidents.
Does this involve your home? Please visit our webpage for Home Owners.