Auto Insurance Lawyer / Auto Insurance Attorney

Auto Insurance Lawyer

When you secure a policy of insurance to protect your auto and personal possessions, you expect to be covered by that policy when you sustain a loss. However, when an adjuster looks at your claim for a loss due to theft, fire or water etc., s/he may offer you less money than you deserve because you do not know the extent of your rights. The adjuster may even deny or only partially pay your claim without a conducting a proper investigation. The Insurence company is trying to presure you to take less than you are entitled to because you are in a desperate situation.

Know Your Rights

Your rights are not only determined by your policy, but by the Illinois Insurance Code. Research shows that insureds with attorneys recover more than those that are unrepresented.

Call an Attorney Now!

Do not let an insurance company offer you less than the value of your claim or discourage you from retaining counsel. Do not wait until your claim is denied to call an attorney.