I would, without a doubt, recommend Lynette’s services and law firm.  She recently helped me settle an accident case and not only was it handled in a timely fashion, but Lynette made me feel as though I was the most important client she was working with!  She kept me informed, was caring, and during the entire process, I knew I was in good hands.  I’m happy I found Lynette and grateful for her time and help!Joe B.

I just wrapped up a case with Lynette and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. She definitely takes the time to talk to you and figure out the best plan that benefits you. In my first meeting with her right off the bat she said, ‘I work for you.’
I was injured in a car accident and Lynette was there right from the beginning she kept up with my doctor visits and called to know how I was doing and even wished me a Happy Birthday.That’s probably what surprised me the most, she actually cared about you. She is extremely professional and takes that extra step to make sure she is doing the best she can. After we won the case she took care of all the bills.You can tell she enjoys her job and loves helping people. I would recommend Lynette Hoag to anybody who is looking for a good lawyer who wants things done right. – Nancy S.

I reccomend the Hoag Law Group to anyone that has ever been in an accident. I was in my first one and I did not know how to handle it or what to do. Ms. Hoag not only assured me that I will recieve the care I need.. She maintained a consistant comunication with me reguarding the status of my claim. They were efficient and incredibly professional. – Cherly H.

Ms. Simmons-Hoag, handled my claim and was truly professional, she stayed in communication with me throughout the process and was very kind. I will definitely recommend her services if a need arise.Thank you Lynette, I truly appreciate your help! ” – Nicole B.

Lynette did an amazing job for my husband and I to recover from an auto accident that we were involved in. Lynette kept us informed every step of the way and were never left guessing what was going to happen next in this process. I don’t even know how I can thank her for everything she has done for us.

I would 100% recommend Lynette to anyone that is in need of legal advise or services!

Thank you again   – Mrs. Durante

I hired Lynette Simmons Hoag for my total loss claim with my insurance company. She was really and very quick about responding to my claim. She appeared at EUO. Toldme when to speak and when not to speak for my own protection. She explained the law and my policy to make sure I understood. She was a reall attorney that did all the talking for me. My case was paid less than 30 days later. I would recommend her to my friends and family. Thanks Lynette   – Gabrielle J.

This note is to confirm that  Ms. Hoag delivered on all  our expectations and more. …  Unlike some firms, she especially delivered in her timely replies  to my Q&A questions and feedback on the decision process.   Beyond her obligations, Ms. Hoag took the initiative to follow up about status and outcome of final ruling which was particularly appreciated.” – P. Family

“I’ve had a problem with my car insurance company. They claimed that the accident caused by me was not possible and the damages on my car did not match the damages on the vehicle I rear ended. They rejected my claim and refused to pay a penny, leaving me with $7000 body shop payment to buy of my car.
So, I filed a claim online and Lynette was the first one to respond. She was very nice, friendly, and promising. She explained everything very clearly, giving me an overall picture of my case. She took my case against Infinity Insurance and promised she’ll do her best. The case was supposed to take from 8 months to a year. However, Lynette solved it in 2 months, winning every dollar the Insurance company owned and even more. She’s an amazing and very powerful woman. I highly recommend Hoag Law Group for those who struggle with their insurance companies.” – Angelika W.

“Lynette helped me through a very difficult time. I was completely overwhelmed with legal, medical, and financial difficulties – it seemed like everybody wanted my money and time and I didn’t have enough to give them. I was also injured and had been fighting loosing battles with doctors, attorneys, and debt collectors for so long I couldn’t even imagine an end to it all. I was in a situation that I felt afraid and somewhat ashamed.

Lynette is understanding and kind enough to make you feel comfortable and like you’re no longer struggling alone – yet she is certainly tough and smart enough to advocate strongly on your behalf. From my first meeting with Lynette I felt that a great burden had been lifted – a feeling that proved to be true as within a shorter time than I had anticipated, Lynette had reached a better settlement than I would have imagined possible.

When you hire Lynette it feels like you have an attorney in the family – easy to contact, keeps you up-to-date, gives it to you straight, and looks out for you like a sister.” – Michael S.


“Lynette was willing to take my case when no one else would. She was very informative and comforting, as this was my first time hiring an attorney. Always professional yet friendly, Lynette worked for MONTHS on my case with 100% resolution!!!

I would highly recommend Lynette to all, and will definitely use her services again in the future as needed.” – Rebekah V.

“We never expected to hire a lawyer to fight for us against our own insurance company….we appreciated your honesty…You kept us informed and the insurance company paid the claim.”  – Tom and Kathy S.

“(Lynette) has represented claimants and insurers in claims, as well as plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits. This experience has given her a unique perspective. She understands the customs and practices of the insurance industry and will use her knowledge to get the best result possible.”D. Ryan Esq.

they said that we don`t have so big damage on our roof and the estimate was for 500-600 dollars and because we have to use an appraiser they told us that we cannot use our contractor as appraiser and that we need to pay extra money for that . When Miss Hoag take care of our case we received our check for 4184 dollar after 3 weeks”  Family D.

“Lynette Simmons Hoag was my student when I taught patent law at Michigan Law…. Unlike many in the class, she did not have a scientific background, but with her enormous intellectual energy and keen mind she rose to the top. She brought to every case and topic we discussed an unerring eye for the most important facts and a practical sense of how things could and should be done by the lawyers for their clients.  Ms. Hoag seemed instinctively to understand the realities of whatever we studied…  I am privileged to have had her as my student and I am proud, but not at all surprised, at her success as a practicing lawyer.” – Professor Roberta J. Morris

“In 2010, I was involved in a hit and run accident, where the driver fled the scene. I went through several months of therapy. I felt overwhelmed by having to deal with the insurance company while trying to complete my therapy. Hiring Hoag Law Group was an excellent decision. Lynette was respectful, skilled and stayed on top of my case.

With Lynette’s representation, I received a settlement to cover lost wages, hospital bills and compensation for my pain and suffering. She was always available to answer my questions and I appreciated that. I was pleased with the results of the settlement, and I highly recommend her.”Stephanie B.

“In the year 2010 my identity was breached from a healthcare providers files.This breach effected my spouse as well.  The argument was built upon emotional distress.  Our chosen attorney, Lynette Hoag was not only compassionate to the situation, but also very assertive to bring everything to a swift conclusion.  She informed me and my spouse promptly with all the updates and status as soon as she herself became aware.  She informed us of the legal perceptions of past cases and the legal environment to solve our case.  Lynette is very driven to deliver the best legal outcome possible for her client(s).  The case was settled within two years [just after] to going to court.  Lynette is very professional, persuasive, prompt and effective,she delivers satisfaction.” D. F.

I would like to thank my attorney (Lynette Simmons Hoag).

She did a wonderful job handling my case and I would recommend her without hesitation. She is the best.  She is helpful, friendly,professional, hardworking and very responsive.”  S.M.

” Thank You Lynette for all you great services. I really appreciate everything that you have done to help me. If I never have contacted you for help, I wouldn’t have known what to do with the insurance company. I really glad I have contacted you for help! You really help me lift this weight off my shoulders. If I were to have another problem, I’ll always choose your service. Thanks” J.L. & O.M.

I would like to recommend Lynette Simmons Hoag to anyone going through a dispute with his or her insurance company.

Lynette was not only able to increase my settlement by almost 300%, she was able to reach the settlement, with my insurance company, very quickly.  My loss occurred on June 7.  I hired Lynette on July 3, after failing to get my adjustor to even come out to my house to view the damage and try to understand my perspective.  She finalized the settlement for exactly what I originally requested by July 23.

She has extensive knowledge and experience with all of the major insurance companies and as a result, she was able to quickly identify the most expedient approach for my situation.

This was my first experience going through something as traumatic as a home fire.  There are many things I would do differently if anything like this ever happens to me again.  But the one thing I WOULD NOT do differently is get Lynette Simmons Hoag involved in the case.

From this point forward, I would be reluctant to begin any insurance dispute process without her counsel.” Y.M.

Hello Lynette,

My wife and I must thank you for everything that you have done for us through out this whole ordeal.  I still remember the accident as if it was yesterday.  My wife called me up hysterical and in a frenzy.  Our vehicle was hit that day and totaled.  The accident cause physical harm to my wife and caused her to stay home from work the next week and a half which was a financial burden at the time.  We spoke to one another about what we should do in regards to the accident and that is when we found your information online.  My wife submitted a request for information and you responded very quickly.  From the beginning you were up front with us in regards to the processes that we would be encountering and what we would need to do.  You answered all questions that we had and also calmed us down when things were a little hectic.  We are glad that you helped us out to the end and in turn will be receiving a settlement that is a lot more than we thought from the beginning.  Thank you for being attentive and opened minded throughout the processes, as it was a difficult situation.  We appreciate everything that you have done for us and will recommend you to others that have to deal with the similar situation.” – D.  & T.  Q.

I strongly recommend Lynette Hoag as an Attorney , she never let go of fighting for me in my injury case even in the midst of some trouble waters. She kept me informed about my case, any questions I had she answered , she would email me holiday messages ( which I thought was very nice ) and I’m glad that even when some bill collectors called I was able to refer them right over to her and she handle the situation . So if you’re looking for someone that knows what’s she’s doing and would fight to make sure you are taking care of then, Lynette Hoag is that person. Oh and she’s totally down to earth but with a professional touch.

Thank You Lynette ,
I truly appreciate all you have done on my behalf!– 1.L

“We were happy with the services Lynette Hoag provided. Thanks to her experience and perseverance we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement with our insurance provider. She was always responsive, professional, and pleasant to work with. We are happy to recommend her” – The Goodmans

“I am gratefully pleased with the services that I’ve received from Lynette Simmons Hoag. From the time we met until the very end, Lynette Simmons Hoag and her staff have been very kind, warming, and mindful of me as well as my family. We’ve received holiday cards, birthday cards and even gifts for our newborn baby when he Arrived. We’ve gotten copies of all important documents that we discuss, fax,mail or sign, as well as emails. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs quality legal counsel from an attorney who cares. Thank you so much for your hard work and professional services!” -P.A.

On June 18, Frank’s Auto Repair,  the business my husband and I spent a lifetime building collapsed  – literally.  Frank was standing in the repair shop when he heard an unusual cracking sound.  He ran from the building just before it collapsed all around him.  Our business was a complete pile of rubble. 

We immediately put a call into our insurance company (Travelers).  The representative said she would be right out to see the damage.  However, the City of Chicago completely demolished the building and took away all of the debris before the insurance representative could see it.  

Our claim was denied!  We contacted Hoag Law Group, LLC. and received a settlement offer with regard to the building after a few months.  However, we was necessary to file suit to recover the money owed to us for loss of business income and business property.  

We highly recommend Hoag Law Group, LLC. for disputed and denied insurance claims.  Without her we would have lost a lifetime of work and had absolutely nothing to show for it, even though we had insured it.– Owners of Frank’s Auto Repair

“I engaged the services of Hoag Law Group, LLC. for a very difficult legal matter.  Ms. Hoag had to go against a battery of attorneys for a commercial claim in a real estate matter.  There was no precedent in Illinois Law regarding my claim.  Ms. Hoag defeated six motions to dismiss my claim and achieved a recovery for me.

If you need a great attorney who will always look out for your best interest, then Lynette Simmons Hoag is who you would want to handle your case.” -J.W

Doing business with Lynette  is  good, very genuinely concerned about your situation. Her communication is impeccable, always ready to speak with you, listen to you and professionally advise you on the best path to take. My experience with her just tells me who she is as a person, it is beyond business ethics. It is pure genuine positive moral.– M.C

“After having been injured in a rear-end collision, and at the mercy of the at-fault driver’s insurance company, Lynette handled my case.  I had whiplash, my car was totalled, and I felt helpless after the insurance company based their initial response on the at-fault driver’s false version of events.  She did a great job getting an out of court settlement.   She was able to win a claim that covered my medical expenses, car damage, and pain and suffering.   I was prepared to go to court, but her successful work on the case avoided that.

Throughout the process Lynette was great at communication, always getting back to me, and handling all the paperwork involved.  I’d highly recommend her.  Thanks Lynette!” –  S.A.B.

Working with Mrs.Hoag has been a pleasure. She took care of everything throughout the whole ordeal. I didn’t have to worry about anything but to get my treatment and back to health. Very pleased with the outcome and glad she was recommended to me. Thanks for everything Lynette Hoag.” – E.A.T

I really appreciate all your help and advise regarding my case especially your input on negotiating with the insurance company who was willing to only offer a two thousand settlement toward my injuries. Where you were able to recover a much higher amount on my behalf.
Thank you!”  –  Maria C.